If you are willing to take this journey with me, you are open to new perspectives and are ready for change.  This is the fastest way to get your desired results.  I offer two programs:

12-week Package


As a new client, I would recommend you take advantage of this 12-week coaching package, which includes twelve 45-minute sessions.  This package is created for people who are looking for a complete shift in many areas of their life.  This will involve weekly sessions of  45 minutes, with email support in between.

3-Hour Intensive


This 2-hr private meeting, followed by a 45-minute call two weeks later will help us to work one-on-one on your clarity, frame of mind, and plan. You will learn tools to make better decisions and feel invigorated and excited about life. I will also help you process and release blocks getting in your way so that you can take consistent action to create positive results.